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FLC 2000 / 48-30 PWP

PWP (perforated wear plate) 1050 × 695 mm shale shaker screen is top-quality used as the replacement screen for FLC 2000/48-30 shakers & mud cleaner.

FLC 2000 / 48-30 PMD

PWD (pyramid) shale shaker screen with size of 1050 × 695 mm, is produced as the replacement screen for FLC 2000 series/48-30 shakers and mud cleaner.

FLC 500 Series PWP

Factory direct sale replacement PWP screen is designed for FLC 500 series oil shale shakers and mud cleaner. It is hook strip flat screen for oil drilling applications.

FLC 500 Series PMD

PMD replacement screens are compatible with FLC 500 series shale shakers and mud cleaner. There are DX (extra fine), DF (fine) and HP (high performance) mesh type, etc.

PMD 600 Series

China manufacturer provides PMD (pyramid type) shale shaker screens which are used as the replacement screen for DP 600 series shakers & mud cleaner.

Hyperpool PWP

1050 × 570 mm PWP (perforated wear plate) shale shaker screen with triangle breach is the replacement screen for Hyperpool shakers and mud cleaner.

Hyperpool PMD

PMD (pyramid) shale shaker screens with size of 1050 × 570 mm is produced for the replacement screen of Hyperpool shaker, vapor extraction & mud cleaner.