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>>>Palisade Fence
Palisade fence is a new concept in security fencing in China which is widely used in the U.K. and South Africa. We provide aesthetically pleasing high security permanent fencing for industrial and residential premises. Our unique permanent bolt locking mechanism eliminates welding and promotes ease of installation for DIY.

Palisade is a style of fencing, which is now popular in steel around many industrial sites. Palisade is more secure than many other fencing systems so wherever security is priority palisade is used.

Palisade fence is available in a range of finishes, galvanized in, or galvanized and colour coated in various colours to blend with the environment.

Shengjia offers their Palisade fencing with either traditional 'D' section pales or 'W' section pales in a full range of heights from 1.2 meter up to 3.6 meter.

'W' section high security fencing is another style of palisade. This type of fencing is an extremely effective first line of defense against the more aggressive intruder. Suitable for high security use. 'W' section palisade is stronger and more durable than 'D' section and is a lot more effective as high security fencing.

'D' section pales  
'W' section pales  

Palisade Fencing Specification:
The fence comes in heights ranging from 1.8m to 3.0m.

Fence Height
Pale Profile
Sections ’D’
Pale Profile
Sections ’W’
Rails Angle
Support Feet Per Bay
1800 3 2.5 45x45x6 98x55 2400 2
2000 3 2.5 45x45x6 98x55 2625 2
2100 3 2.5 45x45x6 98x55 2725 2
2400 3 2.5 45x45x6 98x55 3125 2
3000 3 2.5 50x50x6 98x55 3925 2

The thickness of panels can be as follow:
Thickness of 'W' Panel: 2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm;
Thickness of 'D' Panel: 2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm;
'L' Rail: 2 Horizontal Rails, And1 post.
'H' Post:
Tamper Proof Nuts & Bolts:8mm.
Packing: pallet.
A range of standard heights and specifications are available together with a range of palisade fencing in stock.

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