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>>>Windproof And Dust Net

windproof dust suppression net
1 length: up to 6m
2 thickness:0.5mm-1.5mm
3 peak height:50mm-100mm
4 width:250mm-810mm

Windproof dust suppression net,Perforated Metal Mesh wind proof


Material:Low carbon steel plate,galvanizedplate,color coated steel sheet,aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, stainless steel plate

Surface treatment:electro static powder coating

Use:windproof dust suppression net is mainly used for

1, power plants, coal mines, coking plants,and other enterprises plant reservoir coal yard

2, ports, docks coal storage yard and various kinds of materials yard

3, steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises of all sorts of outdoor yard

4, railway and highway transportation station coal storage yard

5, construction site, road engineering temporary building field

Type:Single-peak type(monomer)

1.forming width of 250mm--500mm

2.between the peak height 50mm--100mm

3.within 6 meters in length can be processed

4.sheet thickness 0.5mm--1.5mm


1.formed between 400mm--600mm width

2.peak height 50mm--100mm

3.within 6 meters in length can be processed

4.sheet thickness 0.5mm--1.5mm

Sanfeng type (triplets)

1.forming width 810mm,910mm two kinds

2.the peak height 50mm--80mm

3.6 meters in length can be processed

4.sheet thickness 0.5mm--1.5mm


1.UvioresistantProduct through the spray surface treatment,can absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight.Reducing the oxidation rate on the material itself

2.Flame retardance Because it is metal plate so has good flame retardancy

3.Anti-static Product surface is processed by electrostatic plastic spraying.

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